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Brawlhalla Winter Championship

By February 3, 2017No Comments

The Brawlhalla Winter Championship takes place this weekend with wall to wall Brawlhalla action. On Saturday the 1v1 tournament takes place, and on Sunday that 2v2 pairings come out to play. All four of our players will be taking place in the tournament, along with their manager.

Due to his amazing performance in the current ladders, Addymestic got a special mention in the Brawlhalla announcement, along with his new 2v2 partner, Cake.

Despite a recent change of doubles partner, Addymestic is starting the year strong and sitting consistently near the top of the rankings. As part of [R]eason Gaming’s old guard, he’ll want to prove that there is plenty of life in him yet.

His new partnership with Cake may take a little more working out, but his doubles play may well influence how he performs in singles. If the fresh duo do well, it might be the kick he needs to go deep into the singles bracket. Of course, with so many players on the way to the championship, it may drain him of much needed energy. – Brawlhalla website

With over 2,000 brawlers participants signed up to take part, we can expect non-stop action all weekend long. Brawlhalla will be streaming games from 4pm till 11pm both days.

All four of our players secured top seed in their pools in both the 1v1 and 2v2 tournaments which is a testament to the hard work each player has put into the ranked season so far.

We look forward to following their progress through both tournaments this weekend, and we will bring you updates via out Twitter.