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It’s always a great feeling moving back into a game where we already have a strong history. What’s even better about the addition of this Xbox SMITE team is that they can take the success of our PC Smite team to spur them on, while making their own history in the console scene. We have every faith in this new lineup and are thrilled to welcome them to the Reason Gaming family.

Our new XBox One SMITE team is:

Kevin “Kizau” Luchs – Solo
Thomas “Noziaa” Jess – Carry
Liam “Farleehz” Farley – Mid
Sean “Bramwell” Bramwell – Support
Jacob “Smifbonn” Lowings – Jungler

This new lineup haven’t been together for very long but have already taken the scene by storm securing 2nd place in the SMITE Xbox One Invitational Qualifier #2 Europe and securing a spot in the main invitational taking place at the ESL UK Studios at the end of this month. This event has a $25,000 prize pool and the chance to qualify for the SMITE World Championship to face off against some of the best teams in the world. We look forward to meeting them at this event and watching them battle through to claim one of the Wold Championship spots.