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At the end of last month we announced our move into the League of Legends Wild Rift scene with the Press R GG roster joining the Reason Gaming family. In their short time under the Reason Gaming banner they achieved a 2nd place finish in the ESL Premiership, and qualification for the June Origin Series where they put on an impressive show. However their future was cut short with many members of the team not wishing to continue their Wild Rift journey together. We were sad to see the team leave so soon after they joined but understood their reasoning. We wish all the players and staff the best of luck in the future.

Thankfully Gabriel “NV1S” Jesse got in touch with us shortly after with his newly completed roster to continue our story in the Wild Rift scene. With similar goals as before, we’re looking forward to the return of the Origin Series towards the end of July, along with some smaller events taking place before then.

The new Reason Gaming Wild Rift team is:

Christopher “Coneglianum” Pani
Jan “venten” Wallner
Miklós “HunteRX” Szadai
Nahro “Nahro” Hassan
Schaadi “DANTE” Gharib

Manager: Gabriel “NV1S” Jesse
Head Coach: James “MysteryGinger” Lank

We were excited to be part of the League of Legends mobile scene so are very thankful to be able to continue in such an exciting and developing scene. We look forward to see this roster continue on from where the last one left off.

Welcome to all these new faces!