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Today we are excited to announce that we are back in the Call of Duty scene. With the recent release of Modern Warfare, a return to the CoD scene has always been on the cards for us as it is a title that we have a long and rich history with.

Captained by Reason veteran, Samuel “Maga” Elliott, this team will be competing in the CDL London hosted by London Royal Ravens in early 2020 and other Path to Pro events throughout the year.

Maga is back in Reason with his new roster – Photo by Michael Gately

The full roster is:

Samuel “Maga” Elliott
Joshua “Sensor” Pascoe
Declan “Deviza” Whyte
Kyle “Kylee” McCallum
Steve “Mohog” Heartland

Call of Duty has always been at the heart of Reason Gaming. It was one of the games that first launched Reason Gaming to new heights, so it’s about time we re-entered the scene again. – Adam Heath

They are putting the time in to make the most of the opportunity this event will bring in the new year.