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It is with extreme pleasure I can announce that Reason is back in full swing! It has been a busy couple of weeks getting everything in place for this announcement, but now the day of unveiling in here. Reason will be reclaiming its spot in the Gfinity Elite Series Season 4 after Unilad withdrew from the competition.

We are back in the Gfinity Elite Series bringing all the passion your saw in Seasons 1 & 2

This rebirth also comes with the news of the three teams that will be playing for us this season in Fifa 19, Street Fighter V and Rocket League.

Introducing, our Fifa 19 squad in collaboration with Dream Team and FUTWIZ:

Lee “ElTenTwelve” Smith
Thomas “FUTWIZ Tom” Leese
Akima “Fully” Byron
Nathan “FUTWIZ Zelonius” Horton
Anthony “Guigsey” McGuigan
Christopher “TheeBullock” Bullock

Our Rocket League team:

Mitchell “Shakahron” Johnson
Gian Luca “Calix” Bruder
Milo “Priseley” Riseley-Prichard
Tom “Pugsay” Fleming
Sean “Switch” Major
Sammi “EssJayy” Somers

And our Street Fighter V roster consisting mostly of Reason veterans:

Steven “Undacuva” Allen
Amar “Boltstrike” Sangha
Haider “Ki113r 7” Masood
Nathan “King Nashor” Greenidge
Alfonso”VegaPatch” Martinez
Nicolai “AngryMojoSan” Schneider
Charles “Poizesto“ Karanja

Join us this Friday at the Gfinity Arena, or on stream as Season 4 gets under way with our first venture into the competitive Fifa 19 scene!