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I planned on doing this article a lot sooner than now but things kept getting in the way. Being a part of the Elite Series once again was amazing and even though we went in with no time to prepare and not really knowing what to expect, every player did us proud. The Rocket League boys were so close to reclaiming the first place spot we managed to get in Season 2. Everyone took that loss to Method for a spot in the grand finals hard but you can’t help but be proud of what that team achieved in such a short space of time.

Season 2 Rocket Leauge champions – An unbeaten season

Since then we have been waiting to hear about the future of the Elite Series before making any moves as that has been our main focus since joining it back in 2017. But the time for waiting has stopped. It’s time to refocus on getting back to regular operations and then when the Elite Series makes its return, expand back into the titles they host.

With this refocus, we are very excited to announce that there is one Elite Series title we will continue to support – The Street Fighter V scene. The people and attitudes in this scene are truly inspiring and I look forward to continue supporting them. We have been in talks with all of our old players and we are excited to announce that most of the founding members and key players in our SFV rosters are staying with the organisation, along with one new face so far!

Undacuva loving his time in the spotlight

No Reason SFV roster would be complete without the reigning captain of our Elite Series roster, Undacuva. He has been a pillar for the organisation, showing his support inside the SFV team and throughout all other rosters too. He lives and breathes Reason and the organisation wouldn’t be the same without him.

Moving forward, or Street Fighter V roster will be:

  • Undacuva
  • Boltstrike
  • metalqueersolid
  • Incognitus
  • Ki113r 7
  • King Nashor
  • Poizesto
  • Wireman

We are wasting no time getting to our first event as metalqueersolid is currently in America getting ready to take part in the OC Goodwill Invitational which  is taking place in Saint Ana, California. This invite only charity event helps raise money for Goodwill of Orange County who help people facing barriers to get and keep jobs to increase their quality of life. You can follow metalqueersolid on his adventure State-side through his Twitter