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With our strong history in Team Fortress 2, Overwatch was always a game we were keen to adopt, so when a representative from the team “Zaprey got Caught” approached us about joining Reason we couldn’t help but listen.

Currently ranked 14th in Europe, 35th in the world, Zaprey got Caught have showed enormous promise in the handful of tournaments which have taken place. Their determination in game and strong team bond makes them the perfect fit for Reason Gaming as their attitude and ethos align with ours.

Their eyes are firmly set on pushing their abilities and climbing the world rankings and offline events. The first offline event they have their eyes set on is Multiplay’s i58 which is taking place between the 26-29th of August in Birmingham, UK. Until then they will be competing in the GosuGamers and ESL tournaments.

Jonas “Reelay” Liljekvist
Matthew “teneya” Chapman
Ryan “Ryfoolz” Fuller
Bartek “bartasso” Wiater
Aaron “Aaron” Blok
Nikolaj “Zaprey” Moyes

It is with great pleasure that today we can announce that we have become the Reason Gaming Overwatch team. We look forward to playing under the Reason banner and competing to the highest level possible. We would like to thank the Reason Gaming management for this opportunity and look forward to a successful partnership together.
– Ryan “Ryfoolz” Fuller

We wish them the best of luck and can’t wait to watch them in their first official tournament under the Reason banner tonight, as they compete in the weekly GosuGamers tournament.