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It took almost two months for every match to be played, with the first match taking place on April 25th; Reason UK vs. CeX which went into overtime on Dust 2. Reason saw a 19:17 victory to start the group stage.

Along with CeX, UK’s top Counter-Strike teams, including Team Infused, uFrag, and Alter Your Ego competed against each other to see who could take the top 4 spots and qualification to the £5500 finals that will be played live at the ESL Studio in Liecester, July 2nd-3rd.

At the end of the several week long group stage, and despite MiNi’s departure, Reason UK managed to fill the hole with MIGHTYMAX, who’s performance helped Reason UK end the group stage with a score of 5-2 and a map score of +22 (85:63) with the entire match history being available on


Be sure to check back on for more updates on our team’s progress through the UK Premiership Finals, as well as an update to the roster that will be competing in Leicester.