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Despite recent success, two girls have made the decision to step down from the female Global Offensive side here at Reason Gaming. Below you can read the details given by the remaining team members.

After an incredible time at ESWC last week, the team decided to relax and have a few days off. As a team we are really proud of our bronze medal at our first major event for Reason Gaming, after being together only two months, this was unthinkable.

After putting our heads together to decide which direction we are heading as a team, two girls announced they are leaving the team to look for a team elsewhere. leaving everyone astounded as most of us felt the aim for this team was far from achieved, we are still far from reaching our full capabilities and skills.


Statement from Sonia ‘Salah’ García:

“I’m leaving the team because of some personal problems I have in this team. I’m very sad to leave the team like this, mostly because I’m aware that 3 people are paying the consequences for something they couldn’t even help me with. I gave a lot for this team because I really believed in it, and I still think they can do great things, I wish them the best of luck. And I’m sure I’ll miss them a lot.I wanted to thank Reason for everything they did, and say that I’m truly sorry to leave such a good organisation. I wish you good luck with everything – Sonia”

Statement from Anita ‘aNi’ Lok:

“After a very hard consideration, I have decided to leave Reason Gaming this past week for the fact that I am considering joining another team. I am very proud and honoured to be a part of a team with so much talent and to have placed 3rd during ESWC 2012.I want to thank the Reason Organisation for all their support and I would like to show my appreciation and gratitude to the girls who took me on board through such an amazing experience. Best wishes to Reason Gaming and their future endeavours! – aNi“

Statement from Abigail ‘Abiii’ Glover – Team Captain of Reason Female:

“After our 3rd place victory at ESWC we were all so ecstatic and overjoyed at what we have been able to achieve as a team! The past two months has been intense for us all, but it was well worth all of the effort that each and every one of us put in. Returning home, it was a total shock and feeling of disappointment to learn that two girls will now be leaving us; but both of their decisions are understandable after they were able to explain their situations. We wish them both the best of luck in the future in whatever they wish to do, be it enter into real life 😀 or search for a new home where any team will be lucky enough to have either of these girls play for them!”

The remaining 3 girls: Abiii, Sephi and Kaat are now in the process of rebuilding the team. We truly believe that from this we can only become an even stronger, more solid and competent team, preparing for some good practice and big events in 2013!

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we will soon have some big announcements on how we plan to build and reinforce our team!