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Our female team have shown the rest of the world why they are one of the best in the world for female CS:GO. This weekend our girls have been fighting it out in the ESWC in Paris, and have done extremely well to say the least.

The girls arrive

The girls managed to clear their group with somewhat of an easy 3 games, first they faced the the Swedish team O+ winning 16-9 on de_mirage. Next the girls destroyed French team Imaginary gaming 16-0 on de_mirage again. De_mirage seemed to be map of the day as our girls claimed victory yet again 16-12 against Czech team inFernity Ladies.

Happy team is happy (Courtesy of

With Reason Female winning all 3 of their group stage games, pretty comfortably, they finished top of their table and headed for the semi finals where they faced Team ALTERNATE’s female team. The semi finals was a best of 3 map set up, the first game being played on de_inferno_se and after a very close game of back and forth rounds, Team ALTERNATE won 16-12.

The next map was de_nuke_ve where our girls dominated the German side on Terrorists and quickly claimed victory in the second half finishing the map 16-8 and the girls were looking strong.

Victory! (Courtesy of

The next game could not have been closer, both Team ALTERNATE and Reason Female were neck and neck as they fought for their place in the finals. Unfortunately Team ALTERNATE managed to win 16-14 against our girls, in arguably one of the closest and most exciting games of the ESWC.

Group hug (Courtesy if

Tomorrow our girls will face Imaginary gaming for the 3rd place slot, and with the girl’s last victory against Imaginary, we’re confident that they will take it.

No matter what the outcome of the match tomorrow at 8:30am, it is safe to say we here at Reason Gaming could not be prouder of them. The girls have truly outdone themselves in representing Reason and we are glad that they could represent us in such a huge tournament like the ESWC and we look forward to our future with them. Well done girls.

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