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It’s almost time for the first Reason2Play Offline Invitational event and plans are all coming together. Firstly, we are pleased to announce that the eighth contender has been confirmed, and is none-other than Shivan “Shivs” Dass. He will be joining the other seven competitors this Saturday at Bosecom in Watford to compete in a winner-takes-all double elimination tournament for £250 + the Matcherino pot.

The complete list of players for the Reason2Play Offline Invitational is:

Boltstrike MetalQueerSolid
JesterPower Joker Jokez
Eastwood Hurricane
The4Philzz Shivs

We are also pleased to announce that Tom “G-P” Scott and Mike “Miztical” Archer will be taking us through the day on the mic. They will be your host for the day bringing you all the sets and events from the day via our Twitch channel.

Timetable for the day:

  • 12:30pm-1pm – Players arrive at venue
  • 1pm-1:15pm – Player briefing
  • 1:15pm-1:50pm – Player interviews
  • 2pm – Stream starts and the tournament kicks off.

From 2pm onwards there will be periodic breaks in the stream.  If you are unable to tune into the stream all results will be published on our Twitter feed also.

Once again, a huge thanks goes out to the three supporters of this event:

Thermaltake – Providing the players with luxurious ARGENT E700 to sit in throughout the tournament making sure they are comfortable throughout the day.

Beyond – Providing Discovery Packs for each competitor to maintain their focus throughout the tournament and give them a little taste of your wide range of flavours.

Bosecom – Offering up your time and space for us to have a home of this event