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Call of Duty 4 is making a comeback! With numerous online leagues and tournaments cropping up, and a LAN in Croatia later this year, there has been just one thing missing from the good old days – us! That’s right, Reason Gaming CoD4 is back with a fierce new lineup featuring a Reason veteran, Ross “Lunii” McCabe.  He returns to Reason with a team of players spanning Europe and even as far as New York!

Reason’s new Call Of Duty 4 is:

Stuart “StuwOw” Curtis
Ross “Lunii” McCabe
Will “wiLLzki” Lemons
Jiří “neitheR” Černý
Sam “jnsu” Janssen

The team will be working hard over the coming months to prepare themselves for the LAN happening in Croatia in October. They are one of the first teams to be fully confirmed and paid for the event.

There are some historic names attending the event but the players are confident they will be able to shine.

We look forward to supporting them all the way to the October event and beyond!