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Reason Gaming have taken the decision to disband their StarCraft2 team. This comes after a long period of deliberation over the direction and games that the organisation wants to take foward into the future. The roster of Jökull ‘Kaldi‘ Jóhannson, Michal ‘Miszu‘ Słomczyński, Emil ‘Snovski’ Worsøe and Niklas ‘Sev’ Aberg have been valued members of Reason Gaming since the division’s inception in October 2013. 

Kaldi, Reason Gaming’s Starcraft team Captain had this to say about the team disbanding;

“Being a part of the Reason Starcraft team was a privilege and is something I dont regret in the slightest. I have unavoidably been spreading myself way too thin the last month or so, with full time school, my social life and 2 professional-level games, it just wasn’t working out. Due to my recent success in Hearthstone, I have decided to stop playing Starcraft and focus my time on Hearthstone and my studies.”

Adam ‘Blanks’ Heath, Owner of Reason Gaming asked me to include his thoughts regarding the situation;

“Closing a chapter to a section of Reason Gaming is never easy and not a decision taken lightly. StarCraft II is a great game to spectate and be a part of and will always be a strong part of Reason Gaming’s history, but at the moment we are focusing our energy on other areas of esports. We wish the whole of the StarCraft II team the best of luck in the future and thank them for all the hard work they have put into Reason.”

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