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As mentioned the other day, our young Terran player Miszu will be playing at a local LAN event. The Falkon event will start today and he will be hoping to finish strongly. competing alongside him is the most famous player to come out of Poland, Nerchio as well as names such as Telfel and Paranoid. There are 30 players in total who are battling out via a group stage and then hope of making it through the elimination bracket. Much like the post for Kaldi, this will be updated as the results come flooding in. So be sure to check back to find out how Miszu is doing!

Update 1: Miszu’s group consists of only 3 players so he only has to play 2 games. He is currently 2-0 in his group (including his free win) after defeating Dragon. 

Update 2: Miszu moves on to the 2nd group stage after topping his first group.

Update 3: Our Terran player tops his group making it through to the knockout stage (round of 16). He is the only Terran left in the tournament.

Update 4: Miszu gets knocked down to the losers bracekt after getting to the round of 8.

Update 5: Miszu loses to Paranoid in the losers bracket. Overall, it was a great attempt from him and he gained valuable LAN experience which will make him even strong at his next event!

Link to bracket and stream can be found here: