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This weekend, two of our Starcraft 2 team are in action at two different LAN events in their respective countries. First off, our 20 year old Zerg player will be taking part in the MyInsanity LAN event in Switzerland. Our second player trying to impress the crowds at an event is 19 year old old Terran, Miszu. He will playing at Falkon 2013 which is an event in Poland. This news post will follow the action of Kaldi and will be updated constantly as his results come in. We wish both players the best of luck in their tournaments and hope that they bring home the gold!

Let’s take a look at the event. 16 players, mainly local will be competing over the course of the weekend through a double elimination bracket in the hope that they will come out victorious. As this is only a small scale LAN, the prize pool is around £300. The most notable player attending is PengWin who most of you will recognise for his casting. Kaldi’s first match will be vs LagTest.

Update 1: Kaldi 2- 0 LagTest. Kaldi moves on to the quarter finals after a convining win over the German player.

Update 2: Kaldi takes the win in his quarter final match vs dson. He moves forward to face Kane in the round of 4!

Update 3: Unfortunately our Zerg player lost to Kane in a very close ZvZ that ended 2-1. Kaldi drops down the lower brackets and face Zervas shortly.

Final Update: Kaldi loses 2-1 to yet another Zerg. Overall he finished 5th. Losing to Kane, one of the best Zerg’s outside of Korea, is by no means a bad way to finish. A great experience for himself and he will come back stronger at his next event. We thank you all for the support over the course of his event and hope you do the same for Miszu tomorrow!

Links to the events site and brackets can be found here: