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In an excellent display of game play and teamwork, our Smite.NA team battled through a 16 team, single elimiation cup and emerged victorious dispite a couple of weeks of hard times.

 Kevin “HeroGG” Burt, the Smite team captain, has this to say about the event and the team’s performance throughout.

As a team we haven’t been able to enter any tournaments at all except for one which we had the unfortunate DDOS attacks against our team and caused us to place second. But in an example of true team comitment, Lassiz quit his weekend job which ultimately gave us the opportunity to enter weekend tournaments and finally prove ourselves.

We came into this tournament not knowing what to expect. We had plenty of reasons as to why we should have actually lost. We haven’t practiced as a team in about two weeks and we haven’t really theory crafted much at all. We found out about this tournament the day before the start of the event, and entered just to prove a point to not only our fans, but to our opponents as well. We can win and we will continue to win every tournament we get the chance to be a part of.

Moving forward with this win, we need to make sure that as a team we do get our practice in. We’ve already fell behind once and had to catch up and it can’t happen again. Thanks to the fans that supported our channel alone, I saw about 600 viewers and seeing all the gg RG spam was amazing to see and we hope to make everyone proud that supports us in the future.