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We came to the close of 2012 with 2 Shootmania teams ready to battle it out in the new year for their spot in Reason Gaming. Sadly, 2 players from Shootmania.BE decided that they wouldn’t want to continue playing the game any more and so parted ways with the team. Bit of an anti-climax to the situation, but we wish “ajpen” and “piwee” the best of luck in the future, whatever they decide to do.


This means that the UK team take the spot in Reason Gaming by default. Since they repesented us at Insomnia47, they have replaced one player, “Born”, with an old school Unreal Tounament player, Paul “fifty” Fox. He has brought great momentum and dynamic to the team and we hope to see great things from this team in the year to come.


 James ‘Jamesey’ Scott says:

A big thanks to Reason for picking us up, we’ve been playing unoficially under the [R] banner for a while now and it’s great to finally make it official.
We’ve had some significant lineup changes since Reason first decided to offer us support, and they’ve stuck with us until we found the right fit, our new lineup is stable and active and we’re looking forward to winning some tournaments!


Reason Gaming Shootmania

 James ‘Jamesey’ Scott

 Lewis “dukyy” Papendick

 Paul “fifty” Fox