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Remember Shootmania? The fast paced FPS game which pitched a sole laser wielding attacker against three rocketeer defenders? Well the developers of the game, Nadeo, have announced that it will return to the world’s stage as they are hosting a Maniaplanet World Cup for Shootmania Elite. We had a great history in this game attending some huge events like ESWC and iSeries and competing in a number of online events. Let’s pause for a second to remind ourselves just how fast paced this FPS game is.

A Nadeo representative released the news of this World Cup earlier this month on the ManiaPlanet forums

As said in the Hello Planet #6, a Maniaplanet World Cup on Shootmania Elite and Trackmania 2 Stadium will take place at the end of the year around November. More information about the Final event will be unveiled later.

Here is a the schedule:

Step 1:
July / August : creating the maps and test them out
Step 2:
From September : starting the online qualifier
Step 3:
Around November: Grand Final

The Drakonia team and the Paragon team will run online qualifier.
However all players having a talent (mapping, organization, running servers, testing maps, etc) or just liking doing things with the maniaplanet spirit are welcome to contact the Drakonia team and the Paragon team for joining the adventure. – Cerovan

Until September, our new Shootmania team will continue to take part in the weekly Paragon Elite Cups, and in which this team have an impressive history in.

The Reason Shootmania team is:

Patrick “koo” Barsanti
Emil “Letnis” Kob
Daniele “Eagle” Carabellò

We’ve been searching for an organization to support our lineup for a while and we’re finally proud to say we found one that suits us.
Shootmania is a game that has a relatively small community but the devs just announced a world championship that we hope could help the game get popular again: we’re motivated, and ready to win it. – Patrick “koo” Barsanti

Check out koo in action: