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ImpacTius’ qualification for the Germany Cup 4 was not the only headline to come out of yesterday’s StarCraft 2 action. Alongside the qualification tournament, the remainder of the Reason Gaming SC2 squad were facing up against the Czech We Wanna Win Clan in the SC2 Improve Team League. The matchup saw four of our players eventually go head to head with the opposition. Though our players went in to the match up feeling confident, it took seven maps for us to eventually secure the win and take our first game victory in the tournament.

The SC2 Improve Team League plays host to over 40 teams competing for a top two, prize winning position. The prizes at stake for the tournament are as follows:

1st. €175 + 5 x Blue ZOWIE MiCO

2nd. €75 + 5 x ZOWIE G-CM

For those who tuned in to our Twitch,, you may’ve seen the games casted by our StarCraft manager Stephen “Biggus” Rennick and Icelandic Zerg player Jökull “Kaldizerg” Jóhannson.


The first map was played out by our German Terran player DeLiver, who faced up against w3c’s Protoss player Zazs. Unfortunately, Tim was unable to overcome his foe and fell foul against an all-in death ball coupled with some indecisiveness at a crucial part of the match. This left Reason 1-0 behind, with it still all the play for. Fruttis, the Polish Terran, was the next player to step up, and eventually went on to avenge DeLiver and defeat Zasz bringing the score tied up to 1-1. Fruttis, at this point in his element, went on to face up against w3c’s second member, Zerg player Petros. After a relatively lengthy clash, Fruttis went on to take his second victory bringing Reason ahead 2-1.

After this We Wanna Win Clan were quick to even up the score, seeing Fruttis fall to the hands of Terran Mattzour in a drawn out TvT clash. Next up for Reason was Snovski , our Danish Protoss, who took out Mattzour in a flash quickly bringing Reason back in to the lead. He then went on to fall at the hands of w3c’s final standing player Markus, another Terran, one again levelling the score up at 3-3, making it match point for both teams. At this point, Kaldi stepped back from his casting role and took matters in to his own hands, eventually taking the victory and bringing home the win for Reason, 4-3.


A summary of the games can be found below:

DeLiver [T]  0 – 1 Zazs [P]

Fruttis [T] 1 – 0 Zazs [P]

Fruttis [T]  1 – 0 Petros  [Z]

Fruttis [T]  0 – 1 Mattzour [T]

Snovski [P] 1 – 0 Mattzour [T]

Snovski [P]  0 – 1 Markus [T]

Kaldizerg [Z] 1 – 0 Markus [T]


Final Score:

Reason Gaming 4 – 3 We Wanna Win Clan