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Reason Gaming have had an action packed night of StarCraft 2 with both an SC2Improve clan war and a Germany Cup 4 qualification tournament all in the same evening. The qualifier awarded tournament spots i to the top two players, meaning that in order to secure a place in the cup one would have to overcome 5 foes and make it all the way to the grand finale.

For our German Protoss player ImpacTius, this did not appear to be a tough task as he has managed to make his way through a bracket of 64 budding German players to secure himself a place in the upcoming Germany Cup 4. Currently qualified for the cup are Mousesports Protoss HasuObs and Planetkey Dynamics’ player GunGFuBanDa. The start of the cup is set to begin in ten days’ time on the 22nd of November and will feature a total of 32 participants, featuring a total of €600 to be distributed amongst the top four players. Initially, qualified players will be separated into eight groups of four, of which the top two qualify. We wish Florian the best of luck in his games and hope he can do the Reason name proud.

ImpacTius’ path through the qualifier was:

RO64: 1 – 0 razarreb [T]

RO32: 1 – 0 maze [T]

RO16: 1 – 0 Monty [P]

RO8: 2 – 0 Stebbins [Z]

RO4: 2 – 1 starex [T]