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Our previous DotA2 team suffered a breakdown after their surprise 3rd place finish at Epic 10. After trying for a long time to fill the gaps that were generated by this breakdown but no one suitable being discovered, the team called it quits. Ex-team leader, Will “w’ll” Barker, didn’t stray far though, and brought the lineup he had joined to our attention and after a quick chat with them, they agreed to fill the hole in our roster.

 Reason Gaming Dota2 is:

Kieran “DreadKnight” Ghataora
Grant “Antab” Brightey
Stephen “Stephen11” Andrew
Emran “PainxD” Khan
Will “w’ll” Barker


Kieran “DreadKnight” Ghataora had this to say about joining Reason Gaming:


We are very much looking forward to our new home within Reason Gaming and are extremely grateful for the opportunity they have given us. When we picked up w’ll from his ex-Reason Gaming squad it felt very natural, as if he had been part of the team for years and after only a few chats we had come to the unanimous decision that Reason Gaming was the next natural step in our progression as a team. We hope to further the UK’s presence in the DotA 2 scene and I have no doubts that the support Reason Gaming are giving us will help us achieve this.

We have already been made to feel extremely welcome and I have great hopes for our development under Reason Gaming. I’d also like to give a shout out to our regular roster of stand-ins and long time friends, WeaselMuffin, Dacster, Fang and Goshawk.


Sadly they will not be able to attend Epic11 as a team, but they have their sights set on the newly announced DotA2 tournament at Multiplay’s i49 in August.