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We are very excited to announce our first Reason2Play offline Invitational which will take place on January 29th. Offline events is something we’ve been wanting to run for a long time now, but with COVID turning all plans upside down for the last two years, we have had to put plans on hold until we were able to run events safely and responsibly.

The first offline Reason2Play event will be a Street Fighter V event showcasing some of the best fighters from around London, as well as two of our own Street Fighter stars, as well there will be demonstrations of retro gaming due to the high popularity.

These eight players will battle it out in a double elimination tournament to claim a £250 prize pool. You can help increase this prizepool via our Matcherino page.

As of writing this announcement seven out of eight players are confirmed for the day, with the eighth checking their availability before confirming.

The event will be hosted out of Bosecom’s facility in Watford and streamed on the Reason Gaming Twitch channel.

The current list of attendees is:

JesterPowerJoker Jokez

These players will be playing in luxury thanks to our first partner for the event – ThermalTake. They have provided us with their state of the art real leather gaming chairs – the ARGENT E700. These premium gaming chairs are designed by Studio F.A. Porsche and come in a range of colors to suite all gamers. The multiway slot games are also one of the preferred games of the online players.

Thermaltake partners with Studio F.A. Porsche to create their ARGENT E700 series of Gaming Chairs | OC3D News

These chairs are still on pre-order so the eight players attending will be some of the first people to try these chairs out and offer their feedback. Thank you ThermalTake for these stunning chairs!

More information is still to come on the event, including the final competitor and more partners so keep your eyes glued to our Twitter and drop it a follow if you haven’t already!