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DotA 2 is one of the most promising titles within eSports for 2012, still in Beta stage, the game has already attracted many tournament organizers, as well as some of the top European organizations, which have acted quickly in securing the services of some of the best teams the game has produced in its short time of life.

As a top European organization, we at Reason-Gaming can foresee a great future for the game, and that’s why we have decided to pick up a DotA 2 team, an all Swedish lineup captained by a well known player to our organization, a player that has represented our organization before in both CSS and HoN, Daniel “Giftig” Ivarrsson.

After Dreamhack our HoN team dispanded because giftig wanted to play Dota2 whilst the other players chose not to. We therefore removed the team and picked up giftig’s new Dota2 team instead.

Reason.Dota2 is:

Daniel “giftig” Ivarrsson
Kim “PapaDrayich” Larsson
Jonas “hyddae” Hinders
Foaad “tanari” Jadidi
Tim “Xoynoznu” Johanssen

We hope 2012 will bring us a lot of good moments alongside our new DotA 2 team, and all we can do now is wish our new team the best of luck, and a happy stay in Reason Gaming.