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Today we start a new chapter in the Reason Gaming history book by adding a new title to the list of games we compete in. We have picked up the Dirty Bomb team formally known as Team Initialize who have a great history of results in this game and a wealth of knowledge dating back to the game’s infancy.

The Reason Gaming Dirty Bomb team is:

Alex “Potty” Pearson (UK – Allrounder)
Matt “Mattja” Loftus (UK – Medic)
Paul “Titan” Wray (UK – Medic)
Ø “Fana” F (NO – Heavy)
Stephen “ChickenNWaffles” Bartos (NA – Sniper)

Matt “Mattja” Loftus had this to say about joining

“Joining Reason Gaming is a huge leap for not only us but also Dirty Bomb. It is wonderful to see such a prestigious organisation getting involved with newer games. We aim to expand and improve as a team, with Reason’s support we believe that our dreams will turn into reality.”

They will be competing in the DirtyCups end of season tournament this weekend for their share of the $1500 prize pool.

We are very pleased to be part of the Dirty Bomb scene and wish our team the best of luck this weekend.