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It’s been well over 2 months since Reason.TF2 took out The Last Resort in the Season 21 ETF2L finals, with many of our players taking home “Best Role” awards. kaptain would take home best Pocket Soldier, kaidus received Best Demoman, KnoxXx received best Medic, while Mike was rewarded Best Player of the Season. Unfortunately, Mike and KnoxXx will no longer be playing for Reason Gaming, as they have gone back home to Epsilon eSports for Season 22. Forsak3n has also departed from the team after replacing kileR4funN for several weeks. With that, we are pleased to announce our new roster for Season 22.

Replacing Forsak3n in the Scout role will be Luke “Starkie” Hageman, the former Scout of nerdRage.TF2 and finalist at i55. Replacing Mike in the Roaming Solider position will be Maximilian “Rising” Bonus, the former Ubersexuals player that took home 1st place in ETF2L Season 19. Rounding out the newest members is Will “Permzilla” Kirby playing Medic; Will had previously filled in for Kadius during Gimmicks, Guts & Glory just last month. Lastly, Arnas “Huhy” Mazylis will be continuing to manage Reason.TF2, reuniting three of the six i55 team.

We are very happy to say that Yoeri “kaptain” Poels, Hafthor “Hafficool” Hakonarson, and Jason “kaidus” Allen will be returning to the line-up for Season 22.

Season 22 will begin in just few days, with Reason.TF2 facing Full Tilt in Week 1. More information can be found at and