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It has been a while since we’ve had some Danish faces under Reason Gaming, and it’s about time we fixed that! Over the years Reason has seen some of the best Danish names in Counter-Strike pass through its rosters, from old-school veterans like karrigan, to new talent like JUGi. They’ll come in to replace our British CS:GO team, who will leave after the ESL Premiership Finals at EGX.

Our last Danish squad. haste JUGi xanzir, Modii and Tabu

Today, we are pleased to announce that the same man that brought us JUGi, is returning to our ranks with his new roster. Thomas “haste” Dyrensborg will be putting on the Reason tag once more, along with his team, to represent Reason in the second season of the Gfinity Elite Series.

The new Reason Gaming lineup for the Gfinity Elite Series Season 2 is:

Thomas “haste” Dyrensborg
René “TeSeS” Stensig Madsen
Oliver “MINET” Ari Minet
Sebastian “Basso” Aagaard
Kevin “KS” Svenningsen
Christian “rezex” Bjerregaard– Sub
Jacob thamlike” Holm – Draft
Nick “zEO” Jugjeewon – Draft

This dynamic mixture of legendary talent from the Counter-Strike 1.6 days in MINET, to the fresh new blood of TeSeS, is looking to do some serious damage in season 2 and improve on our 8th place finish that we achieved last season.


Today we are extremely pleased to announce our lineup and with that, our collaboration with Reason Gaming. We managed to solidify a full blooded Danish team of five socially compatible people – which is for me of great significance.


It feels good for all of us to be associated with Reason, an org that can proudly say they were there to support some HUGE talents, such as JUGi & k0nfig.


I am personally thrilled to be back at a somewhat competitive level, the vast majority of people on the Danish scene had little to no faith in a 1.6’er that showed up way too late to the party. The fact that haste and I could build this team together is invigorating beyond belief!


Other than that, I just can’t wait to show that I do want to compete at that highest of levels.A huge thanks

A huge thanks goes out to everyone in Reason for believing in us and giving us the chance to compete in Gfinity Elite Series! <3 #HWBT – Oliver “MINET” Ari Minet