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The second Gfinity Elite Series season is set to be coming up in the next month, we’ve made some changes to the Street Fighter V players you’ll see lining up in Reason jerseys.

Our roster will be head up by everyone’s favourite SFV player, Steve “Undacuva” Allen. Steve joined us through the draft and not too long afterwards became a staple part of our roster, even being the recipient of a BBC 3 feature. His personality and performance (not to mention the honesty in his interviews) in the previous season made him a dead cert to return to Reason Gaming.

undacuva interview; sfv; street fighter v

Steve “Undacuva” Allen being interviewed during the season, creating a cult following (Photo: Joe Brady)

With Steve the only returning star from season one, it’s time to show off a whole new Reason SFV team. Representing Reason Gaming in Street Fighter V this season shall be:

Steve “Undacuva” Allen
Elias “SaltyKid” Gasper
Amar “Boltstrike” Sangha
Tam “WireMan” Mageean
Jake “Incognitus” Branch
Haider “Ki113r 7” Masood