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Late last year we moved back into SMITE, but rather than reconnecting with the PC scene, we picked up a promising XBOX ONE team. Today we announce that we are once again part of the SMITE PC scene, and have our eyes set on the next season of the SPL.

Our new team had a rocky season last SPL, only managing 3 victories, which has placed them in the promotions/demotion tournament which takes part next weekend. They need to win one best of five series to reclaim their spot in the SPL. The lineup has gone through a number of changes to fix some of the issues they faced last season, and to make sure they put up a stronger fight this season.

Reason’s new SMITE team is:

Fexez – Mid
Darzer – ADC
Alexi  – Jungle
Dirgius – Support
Minos – Solo

and their subs/staff

Qiwen – Coach/Sub
Covertactician – Manager/Sub
MrCrunchy – Sub

We have every confidence in this roster re-qualifying for the next season of SPL and can’t wait to cheer them on next weekend as they fight for their spot.