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Heroes of the Storm is a game we have been patiently waiting to be a part of. After watching how the scene has gone from strength to strength, we are pleased to announce that we have finally made the leap of faith into the HOTS world.

We watched the IEM qualifiers closely to see if we could find some untapped talent hiding in the wings. Imagine our surprise when we saw a familiar face, Jan “WolfJoe” Kramer, who was in our Strife team. They claimed first place in the 4th and final qualifier for IEM Katowice under their “Pigs in Blankets” tag, before agreeing to bring WolfJoe home under the Reason name.

The Reason Gaming HOTS lineup is:

Jan “WolfJoe” Kramer
Mark “Linked” Šepec
Sebastian “bLaDe” Petraschke
Dominic “Nic” Asal
Nikita “zwHydra” Medvedev

We can’t wait to meet them all next week and support them through their IEM journey.