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We are very happy, that we finally can present our streaming partner,! is currently in a beta phase, but have already shown great potential, to be a competetor against the other companys on the scene. Even though Hitbox is in their beta phase, they still show a lot of great features, which we are happy to help them test out.Therefore, from today, Reason Gaming will be using as their main streaming service!

But, what’s the goal with hitbox?

Hitbox was created with a single goal in mind: To level up the streaming experience.
No matter whether you are a viewer, streamer, partner, tournament organizer or a eSport team – Hitbox will offer features tailored just for you. All this on a central platform, that engages you even before your program of choice starts, and keeps doing so long aftter it has ended. Coupled with very low delay, between streamers and viewers and an accessible partner program, it gives you all tool to be part of it and Live! it up.

The reason behind our decision?

Streaming gameplay is one of the largest factors surrounding the rapid growth of the esports scene. It makes watching your favourite games and teams and learning new games more accessible to a wider audience. Our new partnership with gives us the platform we need to reach all of our fans and allow them to watch and communicate with our players. Hearing the ambition that has about esports, this partnership confirms in my mind that this is the right move for us and joining a company like this in such an early part of their development is exciting as we have the pleasure of watching them grow, improve and succeed from a front-row seat.

Managing Director of Reason Gaming, Adam ‘Blanks’ Heath had this to say..

We are thrilled to announce that will be our exclusive streaming platform for all our media streaming needs. Their enthusiasm and professionalism is a brilliant motivator to encourage all our players who are able to jump on and stream their gameplay. Make sure to keep an eye on our team page for when we go live!”

CEO of, Martin Klimscha, had this to say..

“We are very happy about the partnership with Reason Gaming, as they are one of the premiere organisations in European eSports with 9 years of history. We are looking forward to bringing great quality gameplay action by Reason Gaming’s competitive teams to our community and see them compete in a multitude of leagues and events across all the major eSports titles.”