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Our Swedish Heroes Of Newerth squad has managed to qualifie for ESL Masters Series after taking 3rd place at the fourth and last qualifier held this Sunday, this means our team will be able to fight for a piece of the 5000 Euros cake.

On round 1 our team managed to overcome the Greeks from RazC with a 1:0 score, just as they did on 1/4 finals, where they beat 3W4Y with identical score.

Moving on to Semifinals, our team had to face the Australians from Fray, a match that our team couldn’t manage to win, as they lost 0-1. This result meant our guys would have to face off their countrymen from CFG, to determine who would get the 3rd and final spot on the qualifier, thankfully, our guys managed to secure the triumph with a 1:0 score.

Stay tuned to for further coverage of our HoN squad during EMS Season