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Hi guys,

My name is Frederik and I’m not that known in the European scene yet, but perhaps my time in Reason Gaming along my fellow Danes might change that? The goal, not for me alone but for the entire team, is to reach atleast a top3 spot in the European scene – we might even go worldwide number one, who knows? I have managed Danish teams for more than two years, it might even be close to three years now, and this is one of the first times in an organization that actually knows what it’s doing.

And how come I know that already? Now lets see. We, former unu.AiN, joined Reason about two weeks ago, but it didn’t take more than a week before we got the first indicator of how serious this is. Just take a look at the picture below – isn’t it lovely?


Razer gear


I mean 30 kg of hardware, jerseys and shit – gotta love that. You might be wondering why we got jerseys that says ‘Team Razer’, but those are only for the upcoming Danish Invite event One Night In Copenhagen, where the best teams in Denmark will participate, CKRAS are not attending though. It should be a win for us as a team, but nothing is secured yet. SpeedGaming, yourname? and other great teams/mixteams will not give us the victory without a fight. However we are the favorites and we should live up to that.

Before the ONIC event we are participating in the ESL Qual for ESWC starting tomorrow and running to wednesday. There are four slots up for graps and a total of 46 teams are going for them. It’s going to be really really hard getting one of the spots, but the team have been practicing a lot lately and there’s no doubt that we would LOVE to go to France and get beaten by VeryGames etc. – just kidding, they are 2bad4us.

Besides participating in the ESWC qualifier we are attending Gaming4Life, a Danish event with all the topteams from the ONIC event and many more. There’s about 35.000 DKK up for graps, and it will be our first real test against CKRAS in our Reason Gaming jerseys – it’s sure going to be one heck of event. Besides G4L we are planning to attend SLAP LIVE #24 as well, if it fits into our calender. If we do qualify for the ESWC it might be a bit to tight of a schedule to attend SLAP, but I’m sure we will manage whatever we do.

If you got any questions or just wanna say hi, please come by where we sit – we don’t bite.