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The team went into iseries with the roster of Samuel “Magaziny” Elliott, Luke “luke” Edwards, Cedrick “Ced” Odom and Michael “Haddzy” Hadfield. This was after AJ “aMaZe” Mclure had stated that he couldn’t attend the event. This looked like a good pick up due to the fact that Ghosts is a SMG based game meaning that the team was running with 3 SMG’s and one AR rather than two of each. However, the team didn’t place as highly as they would have hoped but they agreed that their placing was not anything to do with the addition of Luke or the absence of Amaze. This led to them feeling that a change needed to be made either way.

(Image taken by Oliver Stubley)

After some consideration the team has decided to pick up Jordan “Reedy” Reed from Exertus. This was an easy fit for the team as Maga and Ced have already teamed with Reedy at the beginning of the COD Ghosts competitive season. This means that Reedy fits in easily with the current team allowing an easy transition from the old roster to the new one.

Due to the roster change Reason Gaming will not be attending EGL12 in just over a weeks’ time. This is due to them not being able to get enough practice time in with the new roster before the event.

The team hopes that you will continue to support their new roster in all upcoming events.

New Roster:

Samuel “Magaziny” Elliott

Jordan “Reedy” Reed

Cedrick “Ced” Odom

Michael “Haddzy” Hadfield