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E-sport-bets have decided to host a cup this weekend with a combined prize purse of $3,000. And although it’s not the biggest of online tournaments it has still managed to attract top teams like, Na’Vi, LGB eSports and of course our very own Reason Gaming.

The cup kicks off today at 18:00 CET with Group A featuring mousesports, Na’Vi, Clan-Mystik and LGB eSports while Reason who are in Group B has to wait until Saturday for their first match. They’ll initially have to face off against HellRaisers and later on either or Wizards. This weekend will undoubtedly offer some heavy resistance and Reason’s Frederik ”LOMME” Nielsen is looking forward to the challenge.

”It’s gonna be fun to play a cup without NiP, Titan etc to see how we match up against these teams”

Check back to for match reviews and other relevant information about this tournament.