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JeeDota Championship #1 has been running for the last weeks, seeing our team competing in Group D, where they have managed to secure a 2nd place finish after wins over 2 Pudge 1 Cup and Danske Rester and only 1 loss against French side Western Wolves.

This second place grants our team a spot in the playoffs, and the chance to keep playing for a share of the $530 total prize pot. Unfortunately not all groups have been finalized yet, so playoffs bracket has not yet been released.

Group D standings:

Western Wolves – 9 pts

Reason Gaming – 6 pts

2 Pudge 1 Cup – 0 pts

Danske Rester – 0 pts

* Only match missing is between the 2 Danish sides on the group, result wont alter the group outcome

This results just come to prove the progression of our DotA 2 squad, so stay tuned to for further coverage from tournaments, interviews, news and much more.