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Yet another success for our Swedish Dota 2 side as they have managed to take 2nd place at the ESTV 5v5 Tournament #6 and thus managed to qualify for the ESTV Dota 2 INVITE-league to be held at a later date.

On their way to the finals our team looked strong, beating teams such as iNfernity Gaming or Prodigy with relative ease, but, finals would prove to be a whole different as our team couldn’t beat Russian side Darer, who captained by their leader and ex-NaVi player Artstyle managed to win the tournament.

Our team results can be found below:


Reason Gaming vs  Darer 00-01


Reason Gaming vs  iNfernity Gaming 01-00

Ro 8:

Reason Gaming vs  dotings.good 01-00

Ro 16:

Reason Gaming vs  Prodigy 01-00

Ro 32:

Reason Gaming vs  Team C4  01-00

With this second place our team joins other already qualified teams such as Western Wolves or CLG, which in total amount for a total of 18 teams.

We are not aware of the ESTV Dota 2 INVITE-league start date, but stay tuned as we will let you know as soon as we have more information.

Source: BinaryBeast