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Our old Danish CS:S team will be making a last appearance under our banners tomorrow at the EMS Season IX Finals, where they will face French powerhouse VeryGames in what promises to be a nail biting match.

The match is set to take place tomorrow night at 21:00 CET, and our old side looks confident to take home the win.

This is what Kevin “kev1n” Hansen had to say before the match:

So we’ve reached the ems final, where we will face verygames (suprise weeey). Anyway, were confident coming into this match as they have been showing some weaknesses since they swapped players. Not saying we’ve 100% got this, but we believe we’ve got a bigger chance than we wouldve had 2 months ago.

Stay tuned to as we will be updating you regarding this match, we will also be posting the STV for the match as well as stream links at our Facebook and Twitter accounts, so be sure to follow us !


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