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Our old Danish CS:S team has ended their history with Reason-Gaming obtaining a 2nd place finish at EMS Season IX after falling to the French powerhouse VeryGames in 2 maps.

The match took place yesterday night at 21:00 CET and our old Danish lineup were clearly the underdogs for the final considering the French side basically won everything they played in 2011.

First map would see both teams face off in de_contra, with VeryGames managing to take the first half with a comfortable 12-3 score, which would settle them for the second half, where our team would try to mount a comeback, but, ultimately VeryGames managed to close the map at 16-10, meaning our team was 1 map down.

Second map would be de_tuscan where VeryGames really shined, giving our old team no chance at tying the match, first half would end 12-3 in favor of the Frenchmen, while second haalf saw them win all the rounds they needed to close the match at 16-3.

EMS Season IX Final

Reason Gaming [00] vs [02] VeryGames

This 2nd place finish means our team will walk away with 1200 Euros, while the Frenchmen walk away with 2000 Euros.

EMS Season IX Final Standings:

1st –  VeryGames €2000

2nd –  Reason Gaming €1200

3rd –  Copenhagen Wolves /  Antwerp Aces €800

We at Reason Gaming want to thank our old Danish lineup for playing this last tournament under our tag bringing home yet another great reesult.