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A couple of days ago our Danish CSGO team successfully qualified for the ESEA Premier League by defeating Epiphany Bolt 2-1 in the semi-final tournament. This win comes off of the back of beating our other CSGO team Reason.UK (2-1) and the French team DeadPixels (2-1). The team then headed into a final game to determine the winner of the ESL Major League and the first prize of $2,000. This game was against the Russian Team Phenomenon, who have also qualified for the ESEA Premier League alongside our team. We overthrew this Russian team in a 2-0 victory, showing heavy dominance on Cobblestone, and narrowly claiming victory on Dust2 (16-14).

Promotion to the ESEA Premier League has guaranteed the CSGO team at least $1,000 in prizes, and also confirms that they will be able to have a shot at qualifying for the (as yet unconfirmed, but likely) third season of the ESL ESEA Pro League where they could fight off against the greatest sides in Europe. However, the ESEA Premier League is set to feature names like FlipSid3 Tactics, CAZ eSports, PiTER and Team Property.

This is an exciting new avenue for our CSGO side. Do wish them all good luck and congratulate them on their promotion!