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We are pleased to welcome another new addition to our Swedish Hearthstone roster by introducing Peter “Deathboose” Laihinen. Peter previously played on SFH-Gaming along with our new Hearthstone manager, Bomby, and had placed relatively well in the Dr. Pepper AllStars, Consolidate 2014, and NitorXy #19 LAN Tournament. Lotus and Bomby have great expectations of Deathboose, and we can’t wait to see what he has to offer.

Deathboose had the following to say about his history in Hearthstone, and his view on joining Reason Gaming.

I started playing Hearthstone back in September 2013 , after around 8 months i joined the Swedish Hearthstone community because I wanted to learn more about the game. Lotus picked me up under his wing and taught me the basics of the better players game. After a while I managed to push legend with Priest, and shortly after I got picked up to the team “Sent from Heaven” by Bomby [Now Manager for Reason Hearthstone], later we became Enemy Intelligence eSports. I recently left the team with some great friends in the back and now I’m along side with both Bomby and Lotus in a (for me), new team. The feelings are great. We have a lot of new stuff to bring and with the great Firrlo on the team as well, the family feeling is really there! I hope to stick around for quite a while, and I’m sure you will see us on some bigger events as well! I’ll see you all there!