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Just over a two weeks ago, our prestigious Team Fortress 2 finally managed to take gold in the ETF2L Season 21. Finishing the group stage in 3rd place, with a 10-3-1-1 record, placing underneath nerdRage.TF2 and fan favourite, The Last Resort.

In Week 7 of the ETF2L Season 21, Reason.TF2 managed to dominate nerdRage.TF2; 3-0 on granary, and 6-1 on badlands. They would again face nerdRage.TF2 in the Playoff bracket, where the winner would face 1st place The Last Resort. Reason.TF2 did not repeat their dominate performance, but they did manage to take both maps against nerdRage.TF2 with a 2-1 victory on process, and closed it out with a very close 5-4 victory on badlands.

Reason.TF2 would then look to face the ever loved The Last Resort, where Reason.TF2 were looking like the underdogs, much like every other team we have (what are you gonna do?). This match was something no one expected. TLR had not lost all season, and had only tied once against 2nd place nerdRage.TF2. Coming in as the underdogs, Reason.TF2 took advantage of this; taking granary 3-0, and gullywash an impressive 8-3, giving them the incredible overall 6-0 victory.

We are incredibly proud of our TF2 team. They have been improving beyond our expectations, and we can wait to see what they do in the ETF2L Season 22 and at iSeries at the of August.

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