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Today, Gfinity announced the first four organisations to take part in the Elite Series.

This is an amazing opportunity for us to give back to the UK scene on a much wider scale. We have always helped the scene out, supporting UK CSGO and DOTA teams in the past, but now we will be an active part on its growth of player base and talent.

Not only will the Elite Series give us 10 weeks of action for our newly formed CSGO team, but it gives us a chance to move into two titles we haven’t touched upon yet, Street Fighter V and Rocket League.

Being asked to take part in a new tournament as one of the founding organisations is a great privilege and honour. It not only shows that the hard work both I and the staff have put into Reason over the years, but also every player we have had represent us. Each one adding that little bit more to our strong history and reputation which makes opportunities like this possible.

I feel that the platform Gfinity is putting together is going to be a driving force for the growth of eSports inside the UK and am excited to see the benefits from this in the years to come.