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Our QuakeLive dueler, Richard “noctis” Gansterer has, unfortunately, been knocked out at the 1/4 finals at QuakeCon 2011, which is being held in the Hilton Anatole in Dallas up to August 7th.

Our dueler managed to top his group, which featured  the likes of ‘czm’ and ‘l1nkin’, which granted him access to the playoffs, where he faced  ‘ventz’ coming out on top with a 2-0 score.

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The 1/4 finals would see him face off the French dueler ‘strenx’, who just recently re-joined fnatic.MSi after a rather short stay at Next-Evolution, unfortunately for our dueler, the French proved to be too strong and managed to take the game with a 2-0 score.

Next up for our QL Dueler is the TDM tournament at Quakecon, in which him and his team are looking to take home the 1st place, from here, we at reason-gaming desire them the best of luck !