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MSi has today announced that the 2011 edition of their Beat It tournament will be taking place at DreamHack Winter, featuring CS and HoN, which mean QL won’t be present this time around. MSi has also announced more than 90,000$ in cash and prizes for the winners.

The prize distribution looks as follows for both, CS and HoN:

1st place: 100,000 SEK (16,000 USD) + 5x MSI GT780 Laptops.

2nd place: 50,000 SEK (8,000 USD) + 5x MSI Motherboards.

3rd place: 30,000 SEK (4,500 USD) + 5x MSI Graphic cards.

4th place: 20,000 SEK (3,000 USD).

It has been announced that the HoN tournament will feature a total of 12 teams, while the CS tournament will feature a total of 16 teams, teams will have the chance to qualify through various online qualifiers, with 6 qualifiers for CS (4 EU, 1 US, 1 SEA), while HoN will feature 5 global qualifiers.

Noctis and Fazz at MSi Beat It 2010 at DH Winter 2010, thanks to

Apart from the teams qualifying from the qualifiers, 2 HoN teams, as well as 2 CS teams will be found through the DH Winter BYOC.

Like if this wasn’t enough, it has also been announced that 5 more CS teams will be found through DH Regional qualifiers, with one of them being already announced some time ago in the shape of DH Mediterranean, which finals will be held in Valencia Spain, with players and teams from Portugal, Spain, France and Italy fighting it out for an spot at DH.

Finally, it has also been announced that the reigning champions from DH Summer will receive a direct invite, which means, that SK and Fnatic.MSi will be present at the event as the winners of CS and HoN Summer tournaments respectively.

MSi Beat It 2010 CS finals were held in Beijing, China, and saw the Americans from EG winning the CS tournament, meaning their first international event won in quite some time, while the QL finals where held at DreamHack Winter 2010 and were won by the Byelorussian player Cypher.