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The groups for the prestigious Quake Live event have been announced today, and our Quake Live dueler Richard “noctis” Gansterer has been placed on group B, with the likes of l1nkin and czm.

Group B looks as follows:

Austria Richard “noctis” Gansterer

United States of America Paul “czm” Nelson

France Pierre-Émeric “l1nkin” Portier

United States of America Dan “vamp1re” Bradham

Quakecon will, like every year, attract the very best of the Quake Live scene, and will include a TDM Tournament apart from the 1v1 tournament.

Quakecon will be held from August 4 through to August 7, and will take place at Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas.

Stay tuned to as we will bring you more information about the performance of our QL Dueler at Quakecon.