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GC Guangzhou

Today, the ESL has announced the second Global Challenge for the sixth edition of the Intel Extreme Masters, which will take in Guangzhou, China, from August 1st, through to August fifth, with a total of $93,000 up for grabs.

This is the second Global Challenge announced, from a total of 5 Global Challenges, with the 3 remaining Global Challenges taking place somewhere in North America, Europe and South America, with the Global Finals expected to take place in Germany, at CeBIT in 2012.

As it was expected, the event will feature the 3 games of this IEM season, which means that fans will be able to see the top teams and players fight it out in LoL, SC2 and CS.

The prize pot is divided as follows:

League Of Legends: $32,000

Starcraft 2: $ 21,000

Counter-Strike: $40,000

Qualifiers for the event have already been announced for European and American teams, the qualifiers will be held online, and anyone can participate, although a premium ESL account is required.

For further information regarding the qualifiers you can visit ESL’s Page