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Today, we are pleased to announce that we will be leaping into yet another eSport. Starcraft 2 has been a huge eSport for a while now and with WCS growing rapidly, we feel it is the right time to look deeper and expand our horizons by acquiring a Starcraft 2 roster. Spearheading our Starcraft division is our brand new SC manager, Stephen Rennick. Currently, he is carefully looking through applications of players as well as keeping a close eye on new talent. Stephen’s background in eSports has been vast. As a player he was a former top Master with all 3 races in Starcraft so knows what it takes and how hard it is to go pro. As a manager, he was part of MyRevenge’s Pro team and has nurtured players who have been to tournaments such as WCS Nordic.


When asked about his new position, Stephen had this to say:


I hope to form a progressive team full of talent and potential, also have the ability as an org to nurture and support a player’s career. I am an eSports enthusiast who is constantly trying to expand the scene. Hopefully our new roster will be coming to a LAN near you!”


Our players will be announced very soon when Stephen is ready to take them on board. We hope his passion for eSports will spill over and spread throughout our roster and that it leads them to succeed and exceed their potential!


Ben “Hoss” Hosford