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Many people have been asking us recently, exactly who is our current DoTA2 team? Well, the question is being answered now. After a period of thought from our captain DreadKnight, he has made his decision, finalised the roster and is ready to officially announce his comrades. The line-up is as follows:


Kieran “DreadKnight” Ghataora (Support) (Captain) @Reason_Dread

Grant “Antab” Brightey (Support) @Reason_Antab

Jack “Infernokoi” Bidell (Carry) @Reason_Inferno

Geoff “Geoph” Preen (Solo Mid) @Reason_Geoph

Liam “Lahmage” Townsend (Offlane) @Reason_Lahmage


DreadKnight is hoping to lead his team to victory later this month as they attend the eSports World Cup at Paris Games week and hopes to do Britain proud!


To keep up to date with all the actions going on from the team, be sure to follow the players on twitter (links above)!