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The French WCG Qualifier, held this weekend at Japan Expo in Paris, France, gathered the top of the French scene in various games, battling it out for a trip with paid expenses to Korea, in order to participate at this year’s WCG.

One of the titles for this year is LoL, where the favorites were without doubt, Millenium, which are regarded as the 2nd best team in the world, just behind the Season 1 winners from Fnatic.MSi

And they didn’t fail to deliver their A-Game, as they manage to win every single game, thus, claiming the spot at WCG 2011, neither Fureur or nSydia, regarded as the other best French teams,  managed to impress.

With this, Millenium becomes one of the first LoL sides qualified for WCG 2011, to be held in Busan, Korea, from December the 8th through to December the 11th

Stay tuned to for more information regardinng WCG.