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Wcg CS Qualifiers.

This qualifier was set to be a tight clash between Millenium and eSahara, and so it was, with the latter picking up the Final, with a 2-1 score.

The first map of the Finals was de_dust2, where Millenium managed to win with a 16-12 score, second map would see teams battling it out at de_nuke, where this time, eSahara managed to win with a 16-12 score, bringing it to a 1-1 overall score, and a match to decide it all.

Last map would be de_inferno, where eSahara managed to convince, making the final score 2-1, and booking themselves a ticket to South Korea.

Final Standings were as follows:

1. eSahara – Paid Flights and Hotel to be at WCG 2011.
2. Millenium – €1000 + Samsung Hardware